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Making A Living, Living!

I’m An Entrepreneur Traveling The World Enjoying New Adventures & Making Memories.

Mission: Fun, Freedom, & Fulfillment

My Brand focuses on enhancing your current lifestyle in all aspects. With my network reaching all 50 states & multiple countries, My goal is to help the masses experience more fun, freedom, and fulfillment around the world. 


How To Take Control Of Your Life

My Experiences Through This Journey

Thankful Acceptance

Pictured: (Sister, Mom, and I in 1987) Thanksgiving 2017: 6 p.m in Plant City, Open Thoughts 💭 The holiday season has carried such a bittersweet sentiment with me [...]


Nothing GREAT ever comes without great sacrifice! We live in a great country that has coined the phrase “land of the FREE and home of the BRAVE” There [...]

Dream BIG Again!

You only have one shot in life. Are you going to spend it saying, "I'm good" and then proceeded to complain every single Monday - Friday? If you [...]